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Game Design: Bill Lasek

Illustrations: Christy Freeman


Players: 1–4

Ages 10 and Up


Time 40-60 min


Product Identification Code: S&D 1003

Bookland ISBN: 978-0-9746461-1-4


Retail Price: TBD


Size: 10.5” x 10.5” x 2” two-piece box



20" x 20" Game board

(60) Cards

(20) Weather Cards

(8) Koi Fish

(25) Dragonflies

(10) Frogs

(20) Stones

(38) other tokens

A Beautifully Thematic,
Light Strategy Game for
1-4 players

As a Koi fish, you spend your days (turns) swimming to and fro by playing a number of movement cards, with the goal of gobbling up as many dragonflies and frogs as you can every day. Each movement card has from two to four programmed moves, straight, turn, rotate any direction and leap over a space, with some moves being mandatory when played, and others being optional. 


Your tranquil Koi Pond begins with some decorative stone and a few lily pads, but you will also receive Natural Beauty cards in your hand that allow a player to add more lily pads, cherry blossoms, ornamental stone and frogs – which both enhances the beauty of the pond, while at the same time, causes turmoil beneath the still waters for the other Koi.


Lily pads are great, as they spawn dragonflies every turn, each of which is worth 3 Victory Points when eaten.

Cherry Blossoms ripple the surface of the water as they land, causing all living things to scatter in the opposite direction – and if you play them wisely, right into your mouth! Stones prevent fish from entering a space and are best placed to block an opponent’s path to a meal. Frogs are delicious 1 VP meals all their own, but… they also eat dragonflies in adjacent spaces, so often they are placed to deprive opponents of their dinner. 


As the weather changes, and a new event card is revealed for the day, so must your strategy. At the end of seven days, the game comes to an end, with the best-fed fish being declared the winner. Be wise, be quick, or go hungry. Persevere and you shall succeed.

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