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Check Out the New Stuff!
Great new games we can't wait to show you!
Debuting at Gencon2022!

The SPILL is an amazing co-op game featuring a 4-way dice tower as an oil rig in trouble. Contain the spill and save the sea life!

The Night Cage Special Pack
New Monster Pack and Color Change Mug
monster mug combo.png

The monster pack offers two new challenges, The Light Eater and The Path Breaker: six new monster tiles for The Night Cage. PLUS a cool color changing mug that goes from black to candlelight!

A con only special edition. Not in stores.
Candyman22 copy.png

I can't even believe I made a deluxe version, so it this may be a rare edition indeed. Giant, full color meeples (double sided) a giant neoprene game board and much improved cards. No game this ridiculous should ever have been made to this level of finish. 

Nevermore Bundle Pack
Back and bundled at a special price!
Nevermore22 special copy.png

After a 5-year absence, Nevermore is back in a special con-only bundle pack. Not in stores and at a special price. It features the addition of the 6 clay poker chip Resolution tokens and 12 unique player characters based on the works of Edgar Allen Poe.

Just back in stock!

A beautifully crafted two player abstract strategy game made of wooden boards and river rock. It feels ancient and timeless to play and is among BGG's top abstracts of all time.

"Get Yer Button Here!"
GC22 boop Button copy.png

What would a trip to our booth be without one of our Instigators handing you a button? Well, here is one just for Gen Con On-line. Make it your avatar on social!

Play in an Event - a get a Demo!
Gencon22 Events2 copy.png

Smirk and Dagger is running a full schedule of events featuring The SPILL and BEHEXT. Sign up at Gencon On-line Events.

Or just pop into our Discord for a demo of Boop, SHOBU or Nevermore. Demo hours Thursday 2-8pm EST, Friday 6-8pm, Saturday 10a-2p and 5-8p, Sunday 10a-12p and 1p-5p.

Tabletop Simulator (Steam) required to play.


See a complete event list here:

Join Us in Our Discord Booth
Discord booth.png

Got questions? Looking for a quick demo? We have a Gen Con booth channel on Discord.

We are happy to chat, answer questions or help direct you. Or you can try messaging our FB page.

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Including all the special treats we have live, in person!
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