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The Night Cage
Kickstarter Final Days! Over 1000% Funded!

THE NIGHT CAGE is a cooperative, horror-themed tile placement game that traps 1-5 lost souls in an otherworldly labyrinth of eternal darkness. The unique candlelight mechanic lights only a portion of the board at a time, making collaborative strategy a must in this creepy puzzle game. How long will your light last?


Check out the campaign and back this amazing game: 

The Deadlies
Most Recent Release!
The Deadlies Key Visual.png

A nasty little beer n' pretzels, family weight card game about the Seven Deadly Sins, with cute li'l devil animals. Get rid of The Deadlies as soon as you can, while your opponents do their damndest to load your hand back up!

Smirky's Blind Treasure Box
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$250 in gaming goodness, YOURS for just $100! This offer good the 4 days of GEN CON ONLY!

Cutthroat Caverns: The APP
Nominated 'Best App' in the Origins Awards

Our semi-coop game of kill-stealing and betrayal is now available for iOS and Googleplay! Customize your dungeon, set the game length and face some of the best programmed AI opponents designed to simulate human behavior, emulating play styles we've observed over the past 13 years. 

Coming in October!

Are you a dragon looking for companionship? 
Or just the adventurous type, looking to join the exciting dragon dating scene? Cindr is a ‘push your luck’ dice rolling parody of Tindr, but with dragons. Try not to get burned. Pre-order at your local retailer or right here!

"Would You Like a Smirky Button?"
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What would a trip to our booth be without one of our Instigators handing you a button? Well, here is one just for Gen Con On-line. Make it your avatar on social!

Play in Our Events
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Smirk and Dagger is running nearly 100 events during Gen Con On-line.

Sign up to play any of these great games with Curt, The Instigators and the Designers. 

Tabletop Simulator (Steam) required to play.


See a complete event list here:

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Got questions? We have a Gen Con booth channel on Discord.

We are happy to chat, answer questions or help direct you. Or you can try messaging our FB page.

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