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Contact Us

Smirk & Dagger Games

30 Lyrical Lane

Sandy Hook, CT 06482

Phone: (203) 733-5314


Product questions, Rules clarifications, Demo inquiries

& just about anything else:

Smirk & Dagger's Direct e-mail

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Our national demo team is now part of ENVOY, where you can show off cool games like ours at retailers, game conventions and gaming groups earning points, prestige and swag through the Envoy program from game companies like ours. When you run events on behalf of Smirk & Dagger, you head out as an official Smirk & Dagger Instigator, fully trained in our games and mantra, and mentored by ENVOY to make braving conventions and game store visits less daunting. Plus, you get a nifty Smirky t-shirt to show you are an expert in encouraging the fun of backstabby goodness. Contact ENVOY to learn more and get involved.


Smirk & Dagger is now looking at game submissions from the outside, but will only do so after a discussion on-line. Sending a game without a request to do so, will have the package returned immediately. Also, please remember that we specialize in nasty 'gotcha' games. Not just a minor element of the game, but mechanics that are sloped towards that type of interaction. Keep that in mind before contacting us. Thanks!

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